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The coalition is "Looking Beneath the Surface" through informing, educating, and protecting the women and girls in the Northwestern States and Beyond through conferences, education, events, movie consultation, and safety measures including but not limited to increasing awareness of the need for shelters for victims of the trafficking industry.
Our programs and services are aimed to inform and educate the public and our youth about Human Labor & Sex Trafficking in the United States and around the world. We work with law enforcement, government, and non-profits in helping to disseminate the information and educational materials.
One of Soroptimist’s and our Coalition Partners’ objectives is to help raise the awareness in our communities we serve in order to help raise important funding for shelters for these women, girls, and trafficked victims to be rescued and evidentially become a survivor who can find their way back to society as they use to know it before becoming a crime victim of their traffickers.
Requests for hands-on services are referred out to our coalition partners; however, requests for speakers, movie and television production consultation, and Human Trafficking initiatives where Soroptimist and our partners can be a benefit are always welcome! Please contact us with your requests!

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